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Totally Trucks has what you need to lift, level or lower your truck


Totally Trucks has BDS and Carli suspension kits. 

Call Totally Trucks to find the options you have for your year make and model of your truck. 




If you want to put very large wheels/tires on your vehicle, then only a lift kit will allow you to handle properly. If you want a truck tall enough to stay out of the mud and rocks while off-roading, then this modification is essential. For the style and handling performance of a lift kit, you need the precision and reliability of industry leaders. Totally Trucks has the answer to the best in lift kit selection.

Click on any one of the images to view the 2018 online catalogs. For other years call Totally Trucks to get specs and pricing at (530) 223-2246.


Whether you need more clearance or just want to install a larger tire, a leveling kit is a great way to get that lifted look. With a leveling kit, your auto stays level and even without the expense of purchasing and installing an entirely new suspension.  

If you are interested in Totally Trucks leveling kits call us at (530) 223-2246.



Want to change the style and handling of your truck to make it more car-like? A lowering kit is what you need. And do you want a team of experts who can tell you what type of lowering kit you need, how to install it, and answer all of your questions? Then Totally Trucks is the vendor for you. We sell a huge selection of industry-leading brands in lowering kits. We'll help you find the perfect choice to make your truck unique.