"First off, every person in there was extremely friendly. I was working with one of the newer employees, Trent, and he was excellent. If he didn't have an answer, he wasn't afraid to ask. The owner happened to be in that day, and he was extremely friendly and you could tell that he had a passion for his customers and the trucks themselves.

I have never owned a truck in my life, and I had no idea walking in, what to expect or what was possible in the "after-market world". I went in knowing NOTHING. These guys could have told me that magical Elves do all the work in the back and I would have believed them.  

The point is, these guys could have easily tried to sucker me, but instead, they listened to what I wanted, then explained reality, and came up with something plausible and affordable. They explained ALL of my options and exactly what they would cost. In addition, they finished the job, exactly when they said they would. Totally Trucks were great, and I didn't see anything that would indicate otherwise."

-Dustin F.

"Recommended for aftermarket.... I am pleased with the services I have received at Totally Trucks. I went in and had my '07 Avalanche front end re-done w/ an all black mesh grill, U-bar headlamps and transformer brush guard/winch plate. The price was fair for labor/instillation, plus the tech that helped me (Jeremy) was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping me out w/ my Avalanche."

-Joog Low J.

"Friendly staff and very helpful. Installed cover in my truck very quickly." 

-Ann H.

"Good people with great service. Quick and reasonable. Nice local company."

-Francis H.